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The spirit of a warrior lives on.

The Commando's low-slung seating and wide-set handlebars were inspired by vintage American Cruisers – built for long rides and cool comfort. Equipped with a counterbalanced, four-stroke single-cylinder engine, the Classic roars like a big cat on the road and runs even faster. Traditional headlights and flashy chrome accents round out this bike for an unavoidably sexy figure that’s worthy of a double take.
Inspired by the open road.

Beneath its buxom curves and glittering chrome accents, hidden deep inside the earthy rumble of its engine is the spirit of a warrior. The kind of spirit people call character, and we find the Renegade American Classic tends to attract riders with the same kind of character. They are renegades themselves, always on the move, inspired by the open road, as strong, solid, and dependable as the bikes they ride.
Blind Spot view is one of the principle causes of motorcyclist accidents, especially when changing lanes or in urban terrain. You will now be able to drive with mirrors that have built in Blind Spots. So that you can have more confidence knowing your surroundings whilst changing lanes.
You can now experience a long, sturdy bike ride without the worry of a flat tire from screws, glass or loose debris. This eco -friendly tire sealant not only improves safety, but also convenience. As this replaces the wheels balancers, which means the tire now has balancing properties.
The inclusive USB charging port is capable of charging your mobile devices as well as standard USB products whilst your on the move. Save time and hassle with the comfort of knowing your devices are charged at all times.
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