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The new school is old school.

The Classic’s low-slung seating and wide-set handlebars were inspired by vintage American Cruisers – built for long rides and cool comfort. Equipped with a counterbalanced, four-stroke single-cylinder engine, the Classic roars like a big cat on the road and runs even faster. Traditional headlights and flashy chrome accents round out this bike for an unavoidably sexy figure that’s worthy of a double take.
Beneath its buxom curves and glittering chrome accents, hidden deep inside the earthy rumble of its engine is the spirit of a warrior. The kind of spirit people call character, and we find the Renegade American Classic tends to attract riders with the same kind of character. They are renegades themselves, always on the move, inspired by the open road, as strong, solid, and dependable as the bikes they ride.
Always on the move. Comfort and safety inspired by the open road.

Large footrest for the driver and passenger, chrome engine protection bars, puffed back seat with additional foam, comfortable handles and an ergonomic design.
The most torque between gears for the most rigorous tasks.

Driven by a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV system, designed with the greatest precision possible, which gives you the horsepower to get the highest level of performance. Your cylinder is fitted with fins for ventilation, discovered banks to improve heat dissipation. A 5 full power speed gearbox, synchronized to get the most torque possible between each of the gears, leading to a top speed of 120 km/h.
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