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New DSR. One bike. Two personalities.

The DSR’s responsive engine and powerful 5-speed transmission increase fuel efficiency to power you through the morning commute or your favorite off-road sweet spots. The redesigned front suspension creates an ideal balance between traction and tire wear creating exceptional handling across all terrains.
Designed for the everyday commute and off-road adventure.

The new DSR is engineered to perform no matter where the road takes you. Each component has been artfully crafted to maximize strength and durability. The DSR also features exclusive innovations including Anti-Flat Sealant (AFS), Blind Spot Mirrors (BSM), and 360° LED lighting. This robust combination between form and function makes the new DSR one of our most advanced and dynamic motorcycles yet.
The new DSR features tires with unique tread patterns to tackle both on and off-road adventures. The DSR tires are infused with our exclusive Anti-Flat Sealant (AFS) to help prevent punctures caused by elements you may encounter on your journey. This means there is no road off limit, less down time, more safety, and bigger rewards for your pocket and your riding experience.
Blind spot collisions are one of the principal causes of accidents in high density traffic. To help broaden visibility, we designed built-in Blind Spot Mirrors (BSM) which provide a greater range of visibility so riders can change lanes with confidence.
UM has revolutionized the motorcycling world by incorporating 37 powerful Light-Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs into the headlamp, taillight, and fuel tank of the DSR, making it the only bike in the world to feature such dramatic 360° illumination. The result? A bold presence that makes more than a statement; it makes for a safer ride.
The DSR comes fully equipped with a smart digital dashboard that offers useful information including fuel level indication and fuel level programs based on the riders performance to help increase fuel efficiency. The digital dashboard also features UM’s exclusive SAM system (System Auto Maintenance) which indicates when auto maintenance is required. An intermittent anti-theft light helps prevent theft.
Communication is everything. That’s why UM introduced the world to the first motorcycles equipped with USB charging ports. Riders can enjoy the comfort of knowing their devices are fully charged no matter where they go.
Unrivaled performance even in the most extreme of riding situations.

The DSR comes equipped with powerful front and rear ventilated disc brakes allow maximum stopping power in any situation, and even allows the playful rider to perform certain stunts. The new exhaust has a deeper and louder tone, giving it a sporty sound and resulting in better gas flow and performance. DSR using 15T and front sprockets to keep the efforts of the chain around as big a turning radius as possible. This diminishes chain fatigue and puts less stress on the links, with final gear ratios allowing for 0 to 60 Km/h in less than 3.5 seconds.
Your bike, your world.

The DSR’s monoshock has been recalibrated with 50% more compression and rebound damping to increase performance through all types of terrain, and provide better control. The rear adjustable spring makes it easy to change the load settings of the rear shock and is simpler than adjusting dual shocks. The 46mm inverted forks are stiffer than conventional forks, as the bigger diameter section is the longer part of the fork. This results in less flexing under braking. The combined result of these factors is better handling and better suspension performance.
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