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Breathtaking at every turn.

The new Nitrox is the latest generation of the wildly successful Nitrox line. It offers a complete redesign that is breathtaking from every angle with innovative smart technologies that include Anti-Flat Sealant, USB Charging Port, Digital Dashboard command center and engineering performance advancements that are sure to make the heart pound.
Spectacular design.

The Nitrox features design that is both eye-catching and breathtaking. It balances the best of tradition with modern technologies to create a motorcycle that addresses more than just the needs of the rider – it surpasses them. Safety and comfort innovations such as built in Blind Spot Mirrors, an inclusive USB Charging Port, and a Digital Dashboard command center, elevate the riding experience to something truly extraordinary.
Anti-Flat Sealant

The Nitrox features tires equipped with advanced Anti-Flat Sealant (AFS), which provides instantaneous damage repair should a tire puncture occur. AFS immediately seals holes so you can keep moving forward.
Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind Spot Mirrors (BSM) expand your view to help you detect vehicles traveling in your blind spot. This extra range of visibility keeps you aware of your surroundings and allows you to change lanes with confidence.
Digital Dashboard
The inclusive USB port is capable of charging your mobile devices as well as standard USB products while you are on the move, ensuring you’ll never be out of touch no matter where you go.
Digital Dashboard

The intelligent dashboard allows you to quickly and easily access an array of important information including digital speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel level, System Auto Maintenance (SAM), Anti-theft light, and more. The result is a driving experience that gives you more control than ever before.
Performance that Wows.

The new Nitrox engine features the most torque between gears with ventilation fins to improve heat dissipation during even the most rigorous tasks and joyrides. Its brake system ensures reliable, yet controlled stopping capability while front and rear suspension keep the ride effortlessly smooth. And it not only delivers on power yet it has outstanding fuel consumption of 150 km/gal.
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