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Conquer the city or get away from it. You have the choice with the new Max ZN.

The streets are yours to rule on the back of the all-new Max ZN. A new power-tuned engine, sleek design, easy handling, and exceptional comfort are the foundations of this commanding motorcycle.
Designed for you to rule the streets.

Its clean lines and minimalistic look highlight a design that starkly contrasts the hectic streets. The design is modern, fresh, light, and stylish, giving the Max ZN a distinctively refined look in the midst of the chaotic concrete city. Yet, the Max ZN is designed to dominate the unique day-to-day challenges bustling cities can present, including comfort and safety innovations that tackle even the most grueling of environments. Its sculpted gas tank makes a bold statement and holds 2.7 gallons, meaning less stops at the gas station and more riding pleasure.
Anti-Flat Sealant
Anti-Flat Sealant

The Max ZN features tires equipped with advanced Anti-Flat Sealant (AFS), which provides instantaneous damage repair should a tire puncture occur. AFS immediately seals holes so you can keep moving forward.
The Max ZN redefines what it means to ride in comfort.

From its ergonomic design to its new suspension: this motorcycle is rewriting the rules of urban mobility. The Max ZN was designed with the perfect ergonomic riding position for ideal support and comfort. The elongated seat features luxurious comfort in addition to an anti-slip grip cover, ensuring optimum riding stability no matter where you go or how long you ride. The Max ZN also features a new fine-tuned suspension that reduces the impact of road irregularities and a sturdy rear rack for convenient carrying capacity.
Power to the Max.

The new Max Power engine on the ZN was tuned by UM engineers for high torque and quick response to urban traffic. The Max ZN will propel you through dense city streets, cradle you through tight curves, and grip you firmly to the ground when it’s go-time. In the city, the Max ZN gives you a whole new sense of what it means to be in power.
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