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Meet the King of the Urban Jungle.

The Max ZR is a dynamic blend between performance and design for the modern rider. It doesn’t just set itself apart from the pack – it leads the pack. It’s agile prowess commands the city streets. Its comfortable and powerful engine makes sure no destination is too remote to tackle. Its a reliable and robust companion for the unbounded adventurer. It’s engine roars with more than power, it roars with command. It’s the all-new Max ZR. The new King of the Urban Jungle.
Fierce, agile, and ready to rule.

The new Max ZR can run rings around the city. It weaves through mid-week traffic and leaves the urban jungle in its dust and does it all in style. With more loading capacity and frame strength, due to its double pipe diamond-type frame, the new Max ZR has amazing durability, agility, and an unquestionable dominance. So let the Max ZR’s sturdy alloy wheels whisk you through the streets day or night. Sure, it’s a jungle out there, but on the back of the new Max ZR you’re at the top of the food chain.
Anti-Flat Sealant

The Max ZR features tires equipped with advanced Anti-Flat Sealant (AFS), which provides instantaneous damage repair should a tire puncture occur. AFS immediately seals holes so you can keep moving forward.
Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind Spot Mirrors (BSM) expand your view to help you detect vehicles traveling in your blind spot. This extra range of visibility keeps you aware of your surroundings and allows you to change lanes with confidence.
LED Taillight

A sleek LED taillight provides long-lasting increased visibility from the rear. LED lights last significantly longer than regular bulbs providing up to 50x longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. The LED taillight keeps you safer while also safeguarding your pocket.
It has never felt this good to be King.

From its ergonomic design to its new suspension: this motorcycle is rewriting the rules of urban mobility. The Max ZR was designed with the perfect ergonomic riding position for ideal support and comfort. The elongated seat features luxurious comfort in addition to an anti-slip grip cover, ensuring optimum riding stability no matter where you go or how long you ride. The Max ZN also features a new fine-tuned suspension that reduces the impact of road irregularities and a sturdy rear rack for convenient carrying capacity.
Work hard. Play even harder.

The performance combination of a powerful and much torqueier engine in a lightweight and agile chassis is sure to make the Max ZR the king of the urban jungle. The daily stop and go of city lights just got a lot more fun with an engine that provides instantaneous response and maximum “go” thanks to the refined engine and increased torque. And it not only delivers on power but has an outstanding fuel consumption of 150 km/gal.
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